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The twelfth edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales will be held in 2015. This auction of 4, 5 and 6-year-old talented jumping horses has become known worldwide.

Walsh will be giving the lucky new owners of these 35 horses being auctioned a brand new KY Walsh Halter!

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Last year, 2014 was a record year for Dutch Sport Horse Sales. A total of 31 horses were auctioned, with an average price of € 97.677. 


The strength lies in the exceptionally careful selection, whereby the quality and health of the collection’s young aspiring jumping horses are given the highest priority.

The selection committee consists of Neil Jones, Yves Houtackers and Paul and Emile Hendrix. They bundle all their strengths together in order to select, every year, a collection of young jumping horses that possess the quality required by the market and that can, in time, satisfy the requirements of the international sport.

In a time of economic recession not only the quality of the collection of jumping horses is important but the service to the customer becomes increasingly important. This too is one of the driving forces of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. Intensive guidance of the client at the time of purchase and the reliable service following the actual purchase distinguish Dutch Horse Sales from the rest.